Creating Content That Makes Your Members Want To Login And Spend Money

The Problem...

Are you fed up of losing members after just a few months or weeks?...You're not alone.

It s the number one frustration among membership site owners.

And 9 times out of 10 it's because the members are getting TOO MUCH content...Content designed for inclusion to a membership site has to do more than just deliver content.

It has to keep customers active, force higher retention rates and keep members motivated enough to keep them logging in on a regular basis.

Successful membership sites contrary to common belief is not about delivering's about delivering value. And just as important its about keeping members active.

Your goal is to over deliver value without drowning your members or overextending yourself. If people receive too much they may quit and stop logging in or worse cancel their membership simply because of information overwhelm.

It is possible to deliver too much content, but it's not possible however to deliver too much value

There are a million places online to buy PLR content, all of them provide decent content...NONE OF THEM cater for membership site content.

Look you can't win your member's loyalty by uploading every PLR product you own. That s like offering someone a delicious sandwich and then giving them an entire roast turkey in a bun! You need to chop that PLR content up into tasty, bite-sized slices that are substantial but quick and easy to digest.

The Solution...

Yes I know editing PLR into individual modules is tedious and time-consuming. But relax, Membership Site Gold Mine is here to help out.

That's what we do at membership site goldmine we take good quality PLR content and turn it into exceptional membership site content deliverable in a way best suited to a membership site strategy.

When your creating a new member site, you need special graphics to add to the members area, for the login offers and OTO's you need to be able to make special event offers and have the designs to make them convert more.

Membership content really is a specialised subject...BUT we want to offer you a never ending resource Of Top Quality Exclusive Content and Have Hank Do All The Work...

Meet Hard working Hank he does All the sorting and legwork for you, so you get to keep your sanity

Give you Instant Access to E-Books, Articles, pre written affiliate emails, Video content, Power point modules and more! So you will never run out of content

Content packs for IM and Niche sites include word doc for the main content PLUS a fast action ideas and product analysis doc giving you sales copy ideas alternative headlines and bullet points. And Bonus Articles for each Subject

Access to graphics, oto templates, member area Johnson boxes and icons, Custom mini site designs, themed special offer templates, Themed buy buttons. All designed to increase conversions

It's hassle-free. The downloads are neatly categorized, easy to select and include everything you need to resell them successfully!

Gold member downloads are carefully selected, updated monthly and come with Master Resale / Private Label rights! So you will always have something to sell to your members.

With this much work done for you, you could literally work just one or two days a week and still get more accomplished than the average online marketer gets done in a month! (And no, that's not an exaggeration.)

Remember a membership site is only valuable if you can keep your subscribers on-board. Membership Site Gold Mine gives you everything you need to hold your members attention and keep them coming back month after month after month.

The Surprise...You can have access to it too...

Here is the join this site for Free and we will deliver a new exclusive content pack every month, and then after that only purchase the extra content you need when you need it.

Content Packs Include...
2 brand new and exclusive ebooks in PDF format, so you can customise them
Plus with each content pack you get An individual Product analysis fast action work sheet...with
  • pre written descriptions,
  • Extra content ideas
  • bullet points,
  • sample headlines,
  • sub headlines
  • pre written ads
  • and keywords

All designed to help you create the perfect offer to your members or subscribers

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